About Us

Aalin Tours is a leading Tour & Travel management company with the specialisation of various kinds of tour packages developed by the group of professionals which make it unique and one of the most-sought tour and travel organization in India located in Agra City (India). We are creating, organising and executing custom-made tours for individuals, families and groups. With a wide range of travel packages designed from cultural, leisure, adventure, Student and business trip. Tourists are offered chances to discover exclusive destinations and bring home unforgettable experiences.

Our team includes highly motivated and rich experienced travel specialists cater ready to serve all travellers vacation and touring requirements. With our years of experience, strong commitment as well as deep knowledge and expertise of local travelling, we dedicate best services and values to your customers.

We have a large fleet of cars at our disposal, and having the fleet itself is not enough, we need to see that we use best transport for our clients and provide them a good value for their money; hence we have maintained a separate department taking care of all our transport requirements.

Call to us: +91- 975 668 6666, +91- 750 033 4006

Why Choose Us


We must strive for excellence in whatever we do. Focus on continuous improvement in interactions with people, efficiency of processes, and thewell being of the organization.

Customer Centrality

We must maintain focus on our customers, both internal and   external, by giving them priority. Strive to exceed their expectations in terms of the value and quality delivered.


We must foster an environment wherein we can efficiently utilize the abilities of all team members to achieve goals. We should work on the premise that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Respect for People

We must give everyone, with whom we interact, respect and consideration.