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Marble Artisans Workshop Visit

Marble Inlay, a craftwork also known as Pietra Dura was introduced in India by the Mughals and primarily made famous by the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan in 17 century. You can visit a workshop where this beautiful art form is being practiced even today. The craftsmen making the exquisite table tops, boxes, platters and figures are the descendants of the craftsmen brought to Agra by Shah Jahan at the time when he was building the Taj Mahal. The objects the art being crafted use semi-precious stones embedded into white, black or green marble to form floral and geometric designs very similar to the inlay work you will see at the Taj Mahal.You can visit this place if you want to know the history of marble and how it is formed and cut. If you are interested you can also shop there.